About Us

Living in a small village in the Cotswolds, I found it hard to buy clothes locally and didn't always have the time to drive at least half an hour to get to a town to shop.Also as Ive hit 50, but still love fashion, I felt some of the High Street clothes that I loved the style of, let me down on the quality of fabric, as when we leave our 20's and 30's we really can't get away with what we used to! I still wanted to look trendy but classic at the same time  

I wanted to bridge that gap between High St and High end fashion. Although I love the High Street, you will find lots of other people wearing the same clothes and I just cannot afford to shop in some of the high end department stores. I spend most of my days searching for new lovely pieces that are made well, of nice fabric and will give us that designer look, but won't break the bank. I am also really open to any suggestions, or if you are looking for anything in particular, please send me photos to see if I can source things for you  

Happy shopping

Jo x