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Face and Body Tanning Booster Drops

Face and Body Tanning Booster Drops

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Take control of your tanning destiny with the new Brazilian Gold Facial Tanning Drops. These tan boosters can be added to your daily moisturiser to ensure you never lose your glow. How many drops you add will determine the strength of your colour, giving you a skin tone that is truly bespoke.

These easy-to-use drops are compatible with any moisturiser, so they slip seamlessly into your skin care routine. Simply squeeze a little moisturiser into your hand and then add one, two or three tanning drops, depending on whether you’d like a light, medium or dark shade. The result is a natural, golden glow for your face.

Our triple-tan technology is boosted with the moisturising power of vitamin e and aloe vera, so that your face feels as good as it looks. The tell-tale tan scent is a thing of the past, thanks to our odour-lite fragrance technology and the nourishing formula is great for all skin types. With our tanning drops you can enjoy a facial tan that is streak-free and beautiful.


The ideal tanning solution for all skin types. First-time tanners will adore it.



Dispense your moisturiser into the palm of your hand and add the tanning drops. One drop will give you a light glow, two drops are for a medium tan and three drops are for a darker colour. Four drops are for those that like to go extra dark. You can add even more drops for a deeper, more intense colour. You can also combine with serums or face oils.


Apply your moisturiser as usual. Wash hands immediately after use.


To keep your tan looking fresh, exfoliate regularly.

We recommend that you avoid using our drops on skin that is broken, sensitive or irritated. This product does not contain an SPF and you can still sustain sun damage when using, so remember to use sunscreen on sunny days.


Q. How long will one bottle last?
A. The exact length of time will depend on how many drops you use and how often. However, this bottle has been filled with enough drops to last a really long time!

Q. Can I shower after application?
A. We suggest waiting at least four hours after application before washing. This will give you the greatest depth of colour. The drops will not develop further after this time.

Q. What time of day should I use the drops?
A. These drops are incredibly versatile, so you can use them any time you would typically moisturise – morning, noon or night!

Q. Will the drops stain my hands?
A. There is a possibility of staining, which is why we suggest washing your hands immediately after use. Your skin will absorb the drops along with your moisturiser so that there is less chance of it rubbing off onto clothing or bedding, although you should take care to keep cool, as perspiration may cause staining.

Q. Can I top up every day?
A. For the optimum natural-looking tan, adding the drops to your moisturiser every three to four days is sufficient.

Q. Should I worry about going patchy?
A. Not at all. These drops give you a natural tan with a natural fade. There should be no sign of patchiness.

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