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Self Tanning Mousse - Medium - 200ml

Self Tanning Mousse - Medium - 200ml

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Fake it until you make it! A deep, streak-free tan is easy to achieve with the Brazilian Gold Tanning Mousse.

Quick to apply, fast to develop but slow to fade, this odour-free mousse has been made with aloe vera for a moisturising, nourishing finish that will make your skin glow. Foamy and lightweight, you choose the level of colour you want, washing off after one hour for a light shade or three hours for a darker hue.

In order to ensure your tan looks amazing for the full seven to 10 days, be sure to exfoliate before application and use the Brazilian Golds' Self-Tanning Application Mitt.

We can’t provide the sunshine or tropical beach, but we can give you the glow. This decadent creamy mousse will give you a flawless finish every time.


This tan is best for those with a medium to dark skin tone. First-time tanners will adore it.



Prepare your skin with the Brazilian Gold Exfoliation Mitt. This will exfoliate and cleanse your skin, removing any dead skin cells and traces of dirt or moisturiser so you have a smooth base on which to apply your tan.


Apply the Mousse to the Application Mitt and apply to the body with long, fluid movements. Concentrate on the legs, arms and body first and give a light touch to the face, elbow and knees.


Shower with warm water after your chosen development time. One hour after initial application will give you a light glow. The darkest, longest lasting tan can be achieved by washing six hours after application. You can even intensify your tan by reapplying the Mousse 30 minutes after initial application. Pat the wet skin dry gently, without rubbing.


Q. What shade of Mousse should I choose?
A. We recommend the Natural Mousse for those with fair skin. Leave it to develop for longer if you want a deeper colour. You can also reapply if you are not satisfied with your shade.

Q. Should I choose the Mousse or the Mist?
A. This is just a matter of preference. If you prefer the control that the Mousse provides, then that is the product for you. Both products are fast-drying, fast-developing and will offer the same level of colour.

Q. What is the development time?
A. This depends on how dark you’d like your tan to be. Those who just like a soft glow will only need to wait one hour before showering. You can leave it for up to eight hours for the darkest colour. You are in control of your final shade.

Q. How quickly does the tan dry?
A. The tan dries within seconds of application. However, we suggest waiting at least ten minutes before dressing to prevent transfer onto clothes.

Q. How often will I have to reapply my tan?
A. We have perfected our formula to give you a longer-lasting tan that can last between seven to ten days.

Q. Will it fade evenly?
A. With the correct preparation, we have created a premium tanning formula that makes your fade slow and even, without patchiness.

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